Radio Theater Channel

ABOUT US -(The RTC/*UPDATE 7/15/18)

July 15, 2018

The Radio Theater Channel (RTC) continues to provide hours of classic and modern radio shows designed for daily streaming - formatted in variable dramas and comedy and most with restored audio. Programming is continuously streamed with each new program day beginning @ Midnight ET/9pm PT.

Features include daily program styles like: Mystery Mondays, Detective Tuesdays, Western Wednesdays, Drama Thursdays and Comedy Fridays.

*Podcasts change Mondays at 12am Eastern/Sunday nights at 9pm Pacific - being approx 90 mins+ in length with various OTR programs each week, and these casts remain online with Podbean for an entire year or more - so you won't miss out!

Podcasts on iTunes via our RSS feed may be delayed; check the account there for postings

Visit our website where you'll find the LIVE STREAM, the weekday primetime programming schedules, FEEDBACK modes and more at:

..and be sure to bookmark our SISTER website: The RTC Music Channel - for the best in continuous Golden Age music of the 30's and 40's at

Check out our FACEBOOK and TWITTER social accounts - LINKS are on the other page here.

As always, thank you in making us a part of your internet listening for great OTR.